Phulkari – The tradition of Punjab

Phulkari Bagh Dupatta
Phulkari Bagh Dupatta

Understanding what is phulkari

Phulkari is a traditional embroidery technique that is common in the Punjabi community. It’s one of the traditions that is shared by both Indians and Pakistanis.  Phulkari just means flower making. Therefore the embroidery is generally a way of making flowers on the garment. Punjab region has been using innovative artwork in different occasion and most commonly in weddings. The bride would appear covered with phulkari on her head with her brothers holding on the sides. However, today the traditional known outfit has found its way in blending with the so called western way of dressing, and the results are just appealing and attractive.

How to wear phulkari

You don’t have to be worried about the many colors it is made of. Phulkari blends perfectly with any outfit you have. It works much better if you choose to match it up with plain salwar that have at least a color that is brightly visible on the Phulkari. You may start by using the bright colors such as red or blue as your salwar kameez. You will not believe how stunning you will look as you rock that event outstanding in the crowd. It’s an all-purpose dress code which is a guarantee that you don’t have to save it till you find a Punjabi wedding event for you to attend or you hit the road on your way to India to showcase how better you can blend with the culture. You can take the pride of the culture around the world and put on your phulkari. You may as well blend it by mixing with another traditional Indian wear popularly known as Saari.

Hand Phulkari saree
Bridal Phulkari Saari

More than just one usage

Phulkari is a work of art that today signifies more than just a piece of cloth. It has advanced from the ancient uses that were directly related to it as a piece of garment. You will find this piece of art being showcased in different forms and styles from bed sheets to other decorative pieces in the house which signifier’s excellence in art. If you use Phulkari in decorating your home, you will not only attract Indian culture at your place, but your house will look beautiful and attractive to everyone who has eyes of art.

Phulkari bedcover
Phulkari Bed Cover

You may think that due to work behind the completion of the art, the garment is expensive. It was during its invention or as we put it during its early times in the market when all the flowering was done manually. Today due to the help of modern techniques, making of this important Phulkari has become so easy and economical. With the same measure, this piece of art has become affordable for all who love fashion and tradition combined to give a final look. It is also being used to embellish the salwars and kurtis to make party wear phulkari suits.