Top 4 types of kashmiri shawls

Hi, kashmiri shawls are in demand these days as the winter season is in full swing now.

I wish to show you 4 top kashmiri shawls designs that are the favourite among indian women of north.


  1. Jaal design kashmiri shawl: This style is one of the oldest and traditional kashmiri embroidery design that is used mostly to make the bridal shawls. It has full embroidery all over and gives the most elegant looks. Here s an example of the jaal embroidery shawl:
  2. border embroidered shawl: This type of shawl with border work kashmiri embroidery is usually used as a casual wear wrap which a woman wears at office or home. This can also be used as party wear though. here is an example of a border work shawl:
  3. kaani work kashmiri shawl: This type of shawl is usually used by the senior women who are aged and like to wear sober colour clothing. Kaani work shawls are made with soft colour wool which looks elegant on the aged women. An example of kaani work shawl is here:
  4. Body work kashmiri shawl: This type of shawl is one of the top favourite item among the young girls as it is a universal type of product that can be used at college, at a function, at office or at home. An example is shown here:

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